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Why Do We Believe In Tapered Posts?


(We've been making them for 44 years)

Bundles of CCA treated fence posts.

More Wood

Did you know that a tapered post has 25% more wood by volume than a perfect post of the same size?

The process of making posts perfect removes sapwood from the post.  Sapwood is the only part of the post that treats, so less sapwood means less treatment which can affect how long a post lasts..


Air Drying

Why We Air Dry Posts

Drying posts in a kiln might be faster, but it can result in over drying which collapses the wood cells that accept the chemical treatment.  Air drying leaves the wood cells intact, so chemical can better penetrate the wood.

A truckload of fence posts ready to ship.
Bundles of fence posts.

CCA Treatment

CCA (Copper Chromium Arsenic) is by far the best and longest lasting chemical to treat farm fence posts. 

If you have used a square wood post recently, you know they don't last as long.  This is due to the chemical treatment used and the fact that by nature, sawn wood does not treat the same as round wood.

The Weight Difference

If you have a tapered post and a perfect post side by side, pick them up.  Tapered posts are heavier than perfect posts for two reasons:

First is the fact that tapered posts have more wood volume than perfect posts of the same size.

Second, air dried posts accept and retain more CCA chemical, which makes them heavier and we believe makes them last longer.

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